Sanctuary is your invitation to create refuge in your life. You will learn powerful tools and rituals to retrain your nervous system and soothe your soul so you can plant new seeds of what’s possible for your life, all within a safe and loving community…because healing doesn’t happen alone. 

Join me, Krista Resnick - restorative yoga teacher, master life coach and brand new empty-nester for a time of rest, rejuvenation and re-imagining.  

For much of my life, I searched for and craved refuge. I tried to buy my way, please my way and push my way to it, never really understanding that it was always there, inside of me. I had it all along.

Monthly, we will focus on a topic, a word or mantra to guide us into a deeper exploration and study of self.  We will explore practical tools to create refuge in our lives- breathing exercises, stillness, meditation and of course, restorative yoga.

All of this will have an emphasis on the nervous system and polyvagal theory because we cannot think our way out of stress, overwhelm and exhaustion.  We must meet the body where it is and align our physiology to support any habit change and cultivate a life of purpose and potential. 

14 Resources

New Moon Practices

Join me each month for New Moon Slow Flow & Restorative Yoga.  We'll explore a different theme each month and the replays will be included here as part of your membership.

Month 1 - Meditations and Practices

Meditations and audios to support you in grounding and regulating your nervous system

Month 1 - Journal Prompts and Written Resources

Journal prompts and articles to support you in setting boundaries.

Free to BE Challenge

3-day workshop series designed to help you overcome people pleasing, build better boundaries & above all else…Stay True to You.

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