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Made for This VIP

Get everything in the Made for This group program plus 2 1:1 calls and unlimited Voxer support.

The School of Badassery

The School of Badassery is for female leaders looking to THRIVE without compromise. This isn’t about what you do, it's about WHO you are being. The School of Badassery is about YOU.

So whether you’re a teacher, CEO, small business owner, daycare provider, stay at home mom, piano teacher, Professional, healer, bartender, professor, hear me say….THIS IS FOR YOU!!

Thrive without Compromise - 5 Secrets to Work/Life Balance

Thrive Without Compromise is a 5 day powerful course that will have you ready to take control of your life.  Stop for a moment, close your eyes and take a deep breath.  

Imagine your perfect day. What if that perfect day were every day? 

7 Secrets to Sustainable Success Challenge

Unlock the 7 Secrets to Sustainable Success and step into your full potential as an invincible, extraordinary leader.


Sanctuary is your invitation to create refuge in your life. You will learn powerful tools and rituals to retrain your nervous system and soothe your soul so you can plant new seeds of what’s possible for your life, all within a safe and loving community…because healing doesn’t happen alone. 

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